Make and save money on one trusted platform

Maney is on a mission to build a world of services without barriers, and aims to provide credible and reliable services for personal and business needs.

Maney is a service platform, an initiative by Datum ClearMind, is a pioneering service matchmaking platform connecting verified service providers to ready buyers.

Focused on providing "Many Services to Make and Save Money", Maney aims to address the gap in reliable service matchmaking. And it aspires to redefine service provisioning, fostering a trusted ecosystem for service providers and seekers.

"We are here to connect people with reliable services, and drive digital progress together," said Davis Tan, founder and CEO of Maney App.

Join the Maney community and discover a world of possibilities:

  • Find the perfect fit: Explore our extensive directory of pre-screened and verified professionals from a multitude of fields, confident in their expertise and qualifications.
  • Experience trust and security: Secure payments, transparent reviews, and Maney's commitment to verification ensure peace of mind throughout your journey.
  • Make Better Choices: Maney empowers you with a diverse range of pre-screened providers and accurate user-generated reviews within your area. Explore a world of services and make informed decisions to achieve your goals.
  • Empower your success: For service buyers, access to the services you need and knowing it will aid you in saving time and fulfilling your needs. For service providers, access specialised tools and resources designed to streamline your workflow and boost your business, supported by Maney's ongoing development and innovation.

Maney isn't just about connecting people – it's about empowering them with credible solutions, fuelled by a commitment to digital progress and economic growth.

Join the digital revolution with Maney — Your Gateway to Better Choices!

A big thanks to:

MDEC, or the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation and the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia's support for the development of the Maney service platform has been invaluable. Their continuous support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-up companies, and digital talent development has been commendable.