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Piano Lessons

Every Individual has an innate ability to learn musicality. It all starts at a young age when the infant starts to recognise sounds and the combination of sounds. It was believed that this can even start while the unborn infant is still inside the mother's womb.

The importance of exploring this potential is allowing the possibilities of developing talent and skills which can accelerate the learning and development of young learners. It helps with sensory development, as they have to listen to what sounds they're creating and listen to the environment It also helps in brain development, memory, and problem-solving, and it may help for further success later in life.

Benefits of Learning to Play Piano

  1. Elevates ability to Multitask
  2. Improves cognitive process and memory
  3. Helps concentration and focus
  4. Requires patience and discipline
  5. Decrease Stress and Anxiety
  6. Promotes positive emotions and memories
  7. Boost Confidence and Self Esteem
  8. Improves Social skills
  9. Allows better reception of criticism
  10. Promote Dexterity, agility and posture

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